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The United States Army Band For Twenty years and one day I was a member of the Tuba Section of Pershing's Own. My wife, Linda, was also a member and played viola in the Army Strings.

Military Band Offices: If you are interested in joining a military band you first contact is not the local recruiter. Before you do anything else, go to the respective band web site of the service you are interested in and make your first contact through there. Generally, the first thing that happens is an audition.

My Affiliations

Performing Ensembles

No excuse for not practicing with a metronome!

Staff Paper
Internet sources of blank staff paper.

Local Music Stores
Before ordering anything over the internet check with the local store first.

Specialty CD's
Brass, Woodwinds, and Bands

Organizations and Resources

Who played on what movie!

How brass Instruments work!

Do you have "Chop" problems?

Trombone Web Resources

Internet sources of Music and Books


Tubas and Euphoniums
Places that specialize in the sale of used and new professional tubas and euphoniums.


Used Band Instruments

Music, Mouthpieces, Recordings, etc..

If you're a tuba player that can use a little help in finding an ideal playing position go to tubassist

Web Sites of Individual Musicians

Florida University Music Schools

Summer Festivals and Institutes

Solo and Concerto Competitions

After the 2004 Hurricane Season all of us who live in Florida take a more active interest in the weather.




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